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Research on Mathematical Reasoning Accepted at NAACL and ME-FoMo 2024


Congratulations to Debopriyo Banerjee and Ashish Kulkarni, Research Scientists at Rakuten Institute of Technology in India, along with Debrup Das and Somak Aditya, collaborators from IIT Kharagpur, on acceptance of their long paper at NAACL 2024, and poster paper at ICLR 2024 Workshop ME-FoMo.

Their long paper, titled “MATHSENSEI: A Tool-Augmented Large Language Model for Mathematical Reasoning” explores the benefits of using Tool-Augmented large Language Models (TALMs) in the context of mathematical reasoning, which achieved impressive results, outperforming vanilla Chain-of-Thought (CoT) prompting method by 13.5% on the MATH dataset. Exciting advancements in Mathematical Reasoning!

Pre-print paper:
Official open-source code:
Project Page:

This year, the NAACL conference will take place from June 16-21 in Mexico City, Mexico, and the ICLR 2024 Workshop ME-FoMo on May 11, 2024 in Vienna, Austria.

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