RIT’s Satoshi Egi lectures on Pattern-Match-Oriented Programming Style at Programming 2021


Satoshi Egi, Research Scientist of RIT Tokyo, presented his paper, “Functional Programming in Pattern-Match-Oriented Programming Style” at the International Conference on the Art, Science and Engineering of Programming (Programming 2021) conference, held March 22 to March 26.  The conference series focuses on a broad scope of research related to programming, including established engineering and mathematical perspectives on programming, the art of programming, empirical/theoretical investigation, and best practices. 2021, originally scheduled to take place in Cambridge, England, was held virtually this year. The research paper, written with Yuichi Nishiwaki of the University of Tokyo, advocates a new programming paradigm called pattern-match-oriented programming while building upon previous research of his invention of the Egison programming language, which is used to pattern match any data type as a regular expression.  Utilizing the express pattern-match facility for non-free data types, whose data have no canonical forms, can redefine many functions for list processing; this includes map, concatenation, and more practical mathematical algorithms and software such as SAT solver, computer algebra systems, and database query language that have been difficult to implement. For more on non-free data types, please see Egi’s paper, “Non-linear Pattern Matching with Backtracking for Non-free Data Types.” As part of the presentation session, Egi distributed 5 pattern-match-oriented programming quizzes to activate discussion and share new insights and practices with other researchers in the field. 

RIT would like to thank the Programming 2021 sponsors, participants, steering and organizing committees. 

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