Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Vissel Kobe are working to change future of Sports


Rakuten Mobile, Inc. and Rakuten Vissel Kobe, Inc. announced that they have collaborated on a new sports match viewing experience with Rakuten Mobile’s 5th generation mobile communications system (5G).  The first proof-of-concept trial, held back in November in Kobe, had some promising results that will, in time, transform the viewing experience like never before and allow people to experience the action in myriad ways. The first trial included the following:

1. Displaying statistics and real-time tracking data using AR (augmented reality)
2. Running a multiplayer game using AR
3. Streaming and viewing low latency multi-angle video before matches

You can learn more about the details of the POC and how 5g will continue to change the future of sports and power social viewing by referring to Rakuten Mobile’s latest press release, Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Vissel Kobe Collaborate on Trials of New 5G Match Viewing Experience.  We will also share further advances between these two companies as they continue to develop.

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