Kobe City and Future Merchant Design Lab Summer Internship Program


On December 1st, Rakuten announced a new collaboration agreement together with Kobe City to improve the services for citizens and visitors of the city, and help to further develop the region. Rakuten Institute of Technology is involved in this through an internship program between Kobe City and our Future Merchant Design Lab. By including interns from the city, we hope to find new and exciting ways to tackle local issues in the city by combining our technological resources with their ideas and skills.

Today, the call for students for this internship just went out, so if you or anyone you know is a university or graduate school student in Kobe City, do not hesitate to apply or share the details.

The overarching theme of the internship program is problem solving for shops and accommodation facilities in Kobe City using Rakuten Institute of Technology’s resources and technologies. Some examples of areas we look at developing solutions in are:

  • Innovative communication solutions
  • Utilizing online information in offline situations
  • Resolving manpower shortage during busy season
  • Improved treatment of foreign travelers
  • Innovative utilization of facilities and vacant lots

We are looking forward to all the great applications that will surely come our way from eager people that want to work together to make Kobe City an even more amazing city than it already is.

The details of the internship program can be found in Japanese at the following site:


For more information on the collaboration and our Future Merchant Design Lab, see the links below.

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