Corona: Interactivity of Body Electrostatics in Mobile Scenarios Using Wearable High-Voltage Static Charger

Author: Adiyan Mujibiya


We present Corona, a wearable device that allows constant high-voltage electrostatic charge to be continuously accumulated in the human body. We propose the usages of Corona for three basic functions; generating haptic sensations, generating electric power from body static charge and near-body electric field, and inducing physical force near the body. We describe detailed principle of operation, analysis of produced energy and force, discussion on safety issues, as well as demonstration of proof-of-concept applications for aforementioned basic functions. We conclude with discussion of our experiments using the prototype and applications, which also involves a study to gather user feedbacks. To the best of our knowledge, Corona is the first work to exploit continuous high-voltage static charge on the human body for Human-Computer Interaction purposes.

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