Research Scientist, NLP
location Boston
Language Program

The Research Scientist will be working with other Research Scientists at all levels who are part of Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT), Boston to collaborate on global projects in a friendly but agile work environment. RIT is the corporate R&D department of the Rakuten group and is responsible for leading strategic technological progress. The Research Scientist should have strong expertise in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) and/or in the field of image captioning. The Research Scientist should have done original research during his/her doctoral tenure with a focus on depth and improving the former State-of-the-art rather than breadth of research. The Research Scientist will primarily be tasked with understanding and improving existing production systems with AI solutions based on State-of-the-art ML algorithms and Deep Neural Networks with a focus on converting new innovations into top tier conference papers.